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Droplets on Tulip

A drizzly morning at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, just outside Melbourne.

(Sony A200, ISO 100, f/7.1, 70mm [105mm eq], 1/125s)

Photo taken in October of 2009.

Comet McNaught

In early 2007, comet C/2006 P1 (or comet McNaught after its discoverer, British-Australian astronomer Robert H. McNaught) was visible from the southern hemisphere for several weeks. It was the brightest comet in several decades and made quite a show in our skies.

(scanned from film)

This photo was taken from the beach in Port Melbourne, looking west soon after sunset, in January of 2007.

Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset, seen from Observatory Hill.

(Sony A200, ISO 100, f/5.6, 50mm [75mm eq], 1/125)

This photo is from October of 2011.

Sun behind the clouds

The sun tries to come out from behind the clouds to warm up this autumn morning at Neist Point, in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

(Sony A65, ISO 100, f/5, 30mm [45mm eq], HDR composite 1/100s+1/160s+1/250s)

This photo was taken in November of 2017, a bit over a year ago today.

Walking the dog

A nice walk on the beach near the cliffs in Newcastle, Australia.

(Sony A65, ISO 400, f/9, 35mm [52mm eq], 1/1250s)

Photo taken in July of 2017.

Clear waters

Blue skies, green seas and very clean waters make this beach on the southwest coast of Fiji, near the village of Sanasana, a great place to relax.

(Sony A65, ISO 100, f/8, 17mm [25mm eq], 1/800s)

This photo was taken in September of 2015.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Lily Pond at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart has existed since 1840, before the Gardens themselves were created. It started simply as a reservoir for rain water.

(Sony A65, ISO 100, f/4.5, 17mm [25mm eq], 1/100s)

This photo was taken in May of 2016.

Snowy branch

Spring in California’s Sierra Nevada brings beautiful sunny days that make the snow stand out against bright blue skies.

(Sony A200, ISO 100, f/11, 55mm [82mm eq], 1/400s)

This photo was taken near Lake Tahoe in early April of 2012.

Enjoying the view

The Stanford Dish hiking trail is an easy, paved trail that loops near and around the Stanford Radio Telescope, behind the main university campus. It is great place for a quiet walk with great views of the surrounding hills and of most of the South Bay – as this squirrel is demonstrating.

(Sony A200, ISO 100, f/10, 70mm [105mm eq], 1/400s)

This photo is from March of 2012.

Bench by the river

A lovely place to rest by the side of the Waikato River, in Hamilton, New Zealand.

(Sony A65, ISO 160, f/4, 35mm [52mm eq], 1/60s)

This photo was taken in May of 2017.