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Kolgrafarfjörður, again

Almost exactly one year ago, picked one of the photos I took at Kolgrafarfjörður Viewpoint for my weekly post. Now it’s picking another one of them.

Kolgrafarfjörður is a fjord on the northern coast of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, on Iceland’s west coast. It sits just a couple of kilometres to the east of Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in Iceland. The whole peninsula is full of amazing targets for photography.

(Sony a65, ISO 100, f/13, 35mm [52mm eq] (cropped), 1/125s)

This photo is from October of 2013.

Empty Beach

Early morning is a quiet time at the beach near the town of Whitemark, in Flinders Island, Tasmania.

(Sony a65, ISO 100, f/6.3, 50mm [75mm eq], 1/200s)

Photo taken in May of 2016.