Monthly Archives: August 2018


The rain brought this small beetle out to feast on the rose petals. I’m not an expert, but this looks very much like a cucumber beetle (Diabrotica balteata) even though this photo was taken much further south than its supposed range as described on Wikipedia.

(Sony A65, ISO 1600, f/7.1, 60mm [90mm eq], 1/2000s)

This photo was taken in southern Brazil (around 28.5°S) in January of 2018.

Fairy Glen

The Isle of Skye, in the Highlands region of Scotland, is full of amazing landscapes that look like they’re out of a fantasy book. Fairy Glen, in the north of the island, is one of the most popular ones. Visiting in autumn or winter improves your chances of not having many people around, but you’ll need to be lucky with the weather.

(Sony A65, ISO 100, f/8, 28mm [42mm eq], HDR composite 1/100s+1/160s+1/250s)

This photo is from November of 2017.


Pride Parade in San Francisco brings out lots of colour and beautiful performances.

(Sony A7iii, ISO 100, f/4, 178mm (cropped), 1/400s)

This photo was taken in June of 2018.

Winter in Central Park

Winter makes Central Park into a particularly beautiful place. The snow that falls on the streets of New York soon turns into a slushy mud, but the park remains a pristine white for as long as the snow lasts. But it does make it trickier to walk through the less visited areas, away from the main paths: they become icy and slippery.

(Sony A65, ISO 100, f/7.1, 30mm [45mm equiv.], 1/200s)

This photo was taken in February of 2015.