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Right hand, meet left hand

Best possible example of “right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing”:

Autistic boy featured in Govt calendar facing deportation

A 12-year-old boy chosen by the Federal Government to appear in a calendar marking the International Day of People with Disabilities is apparently facing deportation from Australia because he is disabled.


It would be ironic if it weren’t sad…

A Walk in the Park

Two weeks ago, we went out on a cold, sunny Saturday afternoon to take a walk in the Fitzroy Gardens, a park located at the “border” of the CBD, close to the Parliament. It’s a very nice place, with lots of grassy open spaces and a few areas with dense vegetation. There is a beautiful flower conservatory there, and also a decorative fountain with statues of marine animals (called the “Dolphin’s Fountain”), but it’s now dry because of the water usage restrictions.

Here are some pictures:
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