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A few weeks ago I found out about a very nice Firefox extension called Read It Later. It allows one to easily save links in a list to be read later: you get a “check mark” on the address bar that you can simply click on to save the page you’re looking at (much like the star used to bookmark a page). You can also right-click on a link to save it directly from the context menu. More importantly, you can sync the list between different browser installations (say, home and work) and you can also access the list from anywhere by going directly to the website (they even have an iPhone interface) or via an RSS feed.

As I said, I liked it straight away and started using it; it’s very convenient. There’s only one problem: it assumes that, even though you don’t have time to read something now, you will have time later. I’ve been finding out that this is not necessarily the case, as the size of my list has been growing almost monotonically since. I guess I need to cut down on my reading ambitions.

3 thoughts on “To Read Later

  1. Nate

    Hey thanks for mentioning Read It Later!

    I completely feel the same way about trying to read that list. I’m not sure if you saw but I just released a new version yesterday with the first step in a new set of features to help battle just this problem.

    You can now sort your posts by Quality (using AideRss’s Postrank). This means that when you find at least some time you can make sure you are reading the best posts first!

    Try it out and let me know what you think. Thanks again!

  2. mpp

    Now that’s a handy plugin! I’ve been using my wiki for that sort of thing.

    I guess the closest equivalent in Opera is the ability to save sessions and come back to them later.

    have fun()

  3. John

    I found to be the simplest one for saving links and picking up them later. I’m using Google gadget of it which is cool for accessing the saved links quickly.

    And when my list big, I simply sort using folders with multi selection of links.

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