Random TV Notes

I’m pretty sure the Oscar ceremony shown on Channel 9 was “abridged”. I don’t remember seeing the award for best foreign language film, and I’m 100% sure the award for best documentary short was not shown (in fact, I think the award for best documentary feature was only shown because one of the winners is Australian) — the rather sudden appearance of Tom Hanks on the stage was a give away. Also, there wasn’t any mention of the scientific and engineering awards ceremony; they usually show a short clip during the main ceremony.

If “Duck Power Cleaner” kills 99.9% of the germs, it also selectively breeds the strongest 0.1% of the germs. Think about it.

I’ve yet to find a cat that sits as passively as the one in the ad while that Revolution anti-flea medication is applied. They don’t like the smell of the product and they’re not very fond of cold, wet products being applied on the back of their necks.

2 thoughts on “Random TV Notes

  1. Nicole

    Ch9 always does a bit of Oscar editing. At least you got to see the ceremony (“abridged” or not) — it was shown live here (2-5am local time) on a cable channel I don’t get, and no-one showed a repeat. I had to watch highlights on Youtube 🙁

  2. mpp

    We used to use a flea collar on our cat. It smelt strong for the first couple of days or so, but then tended to die away a bit. The cat hated it, but they worked well. We’d even leave the off-cuts in her sleeping box, but she still slept there.

    Always easy to put on though coz you’d just treat her to a good scratch around the neck … which was much desired if she did actually have fleas!

    As for it being cold – just warm it up in your hands for a bit! I do that even with shaving gel on the rare occaisions I decide to shave. Seems growing a beard is easier these days, or maybe I’m just trying to live a cold chisel song.

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