Bloody ads

You have to hand it to Tourism Australia: if the intention was to attract attention to Australia, the recent “where the bloody hell are you?” campaign is probably the most successful ever.

Not only that, but headline writers are having a field day:

  • “Now the bloody Canadians have a problem with the ads” (The Age)
  • “Bloody Canadians reject hell of an ad” (again The Age)
  • “What the bloody hell is wrong with these people?” (ABC Radio, talking about the rejection to the ads in the USA)
  • “Now US objects to bloody ad” (Daily Telegraph)
  • “Now the bloody Yanks are offended” (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • “Bloody hell, now it’s the beer” (Border Mail)
  • “Have a beer on Australia? No thanks, says Canada” (Reuters)
  • “Hell, now Canada has problem with ‘bloody’ ad” (ABC)

For those keeping track: the UK objected to “bloody”; Canada to “hell” and, curiously enough, to the beer; and family groups in the US complained about “bloody” (“it’s foreign to us and, therefore, offensive”), “hell” and to the girl in a bikini.

PETA is expected to complain any day now about the reference to shampooing the camels.


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