XII - List of computer-folklore related books

A good source for the following books is supposedly the Boston Computer Museum Catalog. Call them at (617)426-2800 (USA) and ask for one.

Last updated: Sat 14 Nov 1998

cover Accidental Empires
How the boys of Silicon Valley make their millions, battle foreign
competition, and still can't get a date.
Robert X. Cringely
Reprint: Harper Business, 1996
0-887308-55-4 More on this book

Accidental Millionaire
The rise and fall of Steve Jobs at Apple Computer
Lee Butcher
224p, ill
New York, Paragon House, c1988
0-913729-79-5 More on this book

Ainsi naquit l'informatique (The Computer Comes of Age)
The people, the hardware, and the software
[This book has a strong IBM bias]
Rene Moreau, Translated by J. Howlett
227p, ill
Cambridge MA, MIT Press, c1984

Approaching Zero
Data Crime and the Computer Underworld
Bryan Clough and Paul Mungo
242 p
Faber and Faber, 1992
0-571-16813-2 More on this book

cover Artificial Life
The quest for a new creation
Steven Levy
390 p
Reprint: Vintage Books, 1993
0-679-74389-8 More on this book

Big Blue
IBM's use and abuse of Power
Richard Thomas DeLamarter
New York, Dodd Mead, c1986
Paperback: Pan Books, London, 1988

Bit by Bit
An Illustrated History of Computers
Stan Augarten
324p, ill
New York, Ticknor & Fields, 1984
0-89919-268-8 (hard)
0-89919-302-1 (soft) More on this book

Blue Magic
The people, power, and politics behind the IBM personal computer
James Chposky and Ted Leonsis
New York, Facts on File, 1988
0-81601-391-8 More on this book

Breakthrough to the Computer Age
Harry Wulforst
185p, ill
New York, Scribner, c1982
0-684-17499-5 More on this book

cover Burn Rate
How I survived the gold rush years on the Internet
Michael Wolff
268 p
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1998
0-684-84881-3 More on this book

A Business and its Beliefs
The ideas that helped build IBM
Thomas J. Watson
??? p
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1963
0-070-68485-5 More on this book

Computer Capers
Tales of Electronic Thievery, Embezzlement, and Fraud
Thomas Whiteside
??? p
Thomas Crowell Co., NY, 1978
0-690-01743-X More on this book

The Computer Comes of Age / Ainsi naquit l'informatique
R. Moreau, English translation by J. Howlett
1981, translated 1984, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA
ISBN 0-262-36103-2

Computer Engineering
A DEC view of hardware systems design
Gordon Bell, J. Craig Mudge, John E. McNamara
585 p
Bedford, Digital Press, c1978
0-131-62652-3 / 0-932376-00-2 More on this book

The Computer Entrepeneurs
Who's making it big and how in America's upstart industry
Robert Levering, Michael Katz, Milton Moskowitz
481p, ill
New York, New American Library, c1984

The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann
Herman H. Goldstine
378p, ill
Princeton NJ, Princeton University Press, 1993 (reprint)
0-691-02367-0 More on this book

Computer Lib; Dream Machines
[texts bound together back-to-back and inverted]
Ted Nelson
178p 153p, ill
Redmond, WA, Tempus Books of Microsoft Press, 1987
0-914845-49-7 More on this book

A Computer Perspective
Background to the computer age
by the office of Charles & Ray Eames
174p, ill
Cambridge MA, Harvard University Press, 1990

The Computer Pioneers
The making of the modern computer
David Ritchie
238p, ill
New York, Simon&Schuster, c1986

Der Computer - Mein Lebenswerk
[in German - Translations in other languages ???]
Konrad Zuse
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, ..., 1984
ISBN 3-540-13814-5
ISBN 0-387-13814-5

The Conquest of the Microchip
Hans J. Queisser
200 p
Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1988
???? ISBN

Crime by Computer
Donn B. Parker
??? p
Charles Scribner & Sons, NY, 1976

cover The Cuckoo's Egg
Tracking a spy through the maze of computer espionage
Clifford Stoll
New York, Doubleday, 1995 (reprint)
0-671-72688-9 More on this book

cover Cyberpunk
Outlaws and hackers on the computer frontier
Katie Hafner and John Markoff
New York, Simon&Schuster, 1995 (updated edition)
0-684-81862-0 More on this book

cover The Decline and Fall of the American Programmer
A view of the future of the software industry
Edward Yourdon
352p, ill
Englewood Cliffs NJ, Yourdon Press, 1993 (reprint)
0-131-91958-X More on this book

The Devouring Fungus: Tales of the Computer Age
Tales of the computer age
Karla Jennings
237p, ill
New York, W.W.Norton, c1990

Digital Deli
The comprehensive user-lovable menu of computer lore, cuture, lifestyles and fancy
[it comes close to living up to this subtitle]
by The Lunch Group & Guests; Edited by Steve Ditlea
382 p.
New York, Workman Publishing, c1984
ISBN 0-89480-591-6

Digital Equipment Corporation
The first twenty-five years
Kenneth H. Olsen
??? p
New York, Newcomwn Society in north America, 1983
???? ISBN

Digital at Work
Snapshots from the first thirty-five years
edited by Jamie Parker-Pearson
Digital Press, Burlington, MA, c1992, Softbound
ISBN 0-13-213489-6 / Prentice-Hall
ISBN 1-55558-092-0 / Digital Press
Digital Order Number EY-J826E-DP

The Dream Machine: Exploring the Computer Age
Jon Palfreman and Doron Swade
BBC Books, London, 1991
ISBN 0-563-36221-9

Early British Computers
The story of vintage computers and the people who built them
Simon Lavington
139p, ill
Manchester University Press, 1980
0-7190-0803-4 [hard cover]
0-7190-0810-7 [paperback]
Bedford MA, Digital Press, c1980

Electronic Computers
A Historical Survey
Saul Rosen
Computing Surveys v1#1, March 1969

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering, 2nd ed.
[noticeably IBMish viewpoint]
editor Anthony Ralston, associate Editor Edwin D. Reilly Jr.
Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1983
ISBN 0-442-24496-7

Faster than Thought
editor B. V. Bowden
Pitman, New York and London, 1953

Father, Son & Co.
My life at IBM and beyond
Thomas J. Watson
468 p
New York, Bantam Books, c1990
0-553-07011-8 More on this book

Fire in the Valley
The making of the personal computer
Paul Freiberger
288p, ill
Berkeley CA, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, c1984
0-88134-121-5 More on this book

From Dits to Bits
A personal history of the electronic computer
Herman Lukoff
219p, ill
Portland OR, Robotic Press, c1979

an Apraisal of the Eckert-Mauchly Computers
Nancy Stern
ca. 290 p. / Hardbound
Digital Press, Bedford, Mass., 1981
0-932376-14-2, Digital Order No. EY-AX013-DP

Fumbling the Future
How Xerox invented, then ignored, the first personal computer
Douglas K. Smith and Robert C. Alexander
274 p
New York, Quill, 1990
0-688-09511-9 More on this book

cover Hackers
Heroes of the computer revolution
Steven Levy
Delta Books, 1994 (reprint)
0-385-19195-2 More on this book

cover Hard Drive
Bill Gates and the making of Microsoft empire
James Wallace and Jim Erickson
426p, ill
New York, Wiley, c1992
0-471-56886-4 More on this book

Hermann Hollerith
Forgotten Giant of Information Processing
Geoffrey D. Austrian
Columbia University Press, New York, 1982

History of Computing
An Encyclopedia of the People and Machines that Made Computing History
Mark W. Greenia
Lexikon Services Publishing, 1995
(Published in diskette for IBM-PC compatibles)

A History of Computing Technology
From the earliest written numbers to the IBM 360
Michael R. Williams
Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, c1985

A History of Computing in the Twentieth Century
Edited by N. Metropolis, J. Howlett
and Gian-Carlo Rota
Academic Press Inc., New York, London, ..., c1980

The rise and fall of Osborne Computer Corporation
Adam Osborne
??? p
New York, Avon, c1985
0-380-69960-5 More on this book

The Little Kingdom
The private story of Apple Computer
Michael Moritz
??? p.
New York, Paragon House, c1988
???? ISBN

cover The Macintosh Way
The Art of Guerilla Management
Guy Kawasaki
Glenview, Illinois & London, Scott, Foresman and Company, c1990
[contains many anecdotes and folklore about the first days of Macintosh]
More on this book

The Making of Microsoft
How Bill Gates and his team created the world's most successful software company
Daniel Ichbiah & Susan L. Knepper
304 p
Rocklin, Prima Pub., 1992 (reprint)
1-559-58225-1 More on this book

cover The Media Lab
Inventing the Future at MIT
Stewert Brand
285p, ill
New York, Penguin Books, 1988
0-14-009701-5 More on this book

Memoirs of a Computer Pioneer
Maurice Vincent Wilkes
The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1985
ISBN 0-262-23122-0

The Micro Millennium
[History of the computer, state of micros in 1980, and some very interesting ideas of where the technology was headed -- he died in 1979]
Christopher Evans
308 p.
New York, Washington Square Press, March 1981, c1979
ISBN 0-671-42184-0

The story of a revolution and the man who made it
[Originally published as The Chip]
T. R. Reid
240 p
Pan, Collins, London, c1984
???? ISBN

The Mighty Micro
The impact of the computer revolution
Christopher Evans
London, Gollancz, 1982
??? ISBN

The New Alchemists
Silicon Valley and the microelectronics revolution
Dirk Hanson
Boston, Little Brown, c1982

cover The New Hacker's Dictionary
Jargon file in print
Eric Raymond.
433 p
The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, USA. 1996
0-262-68069 More on this book

Pepsi to Apple - A journey of adventure, ideas, and the future
John Sculley with John A. Byrne
450p, ill
New York, Harper&Row, c1987
0-06-015780-1 More on this book

Once Upon A Time In Computerland
The Amazing Billion-Dollar Tale of Bill Millard's Computerland Empire
Jonathan Littman
Simon and Schuster / Touchstone, 1990
0-671-69392-1 Pbk

cover< Only the Paranoid Survive
How to exploit the crisis points that challenge every company and career
Andrew S. Grove
210 p
Currency/Doubleday, 1996
0-385-48258-2 More on this book

The Origins of Digital Computers
Selected Papers/3rd Edition
Brian Randell, ed.
580p, ill
New York, Springer-Verlag, 1982

Portraits in Silicon
[Interviews with 30+ influential hardware and software inventors]
Robert Slater
374p, ill
Cambridge MA, MIT Press, c1987

Programmers at Work
Interviews with 19 programmers that shaped the computer industry
Susan M. Lammers
391p, ill
Redmond WA, Tempus Books of Microsoft Press, 1989
1-55615-211-6 More on this book

Project Whirlwind
History of a Pioneer Computer
Kent C. Redmond & Thomas M. Smith
296 p. / Softbound
Digital Press, History of Computing Series, Bedford, c1980
ISBN 0-932376-09-6, Digital Order No. EY-8351E-DP

The Prehistory of the Digital Computer ...
Paul E. Ceruzzi
Greenwodd Press, Westport, Connecticut - London, England

cover The Soul of a New Machine
[data general]
Tracy Kidder
Modern Library, 1997 (reprint)
0-316-49170-5 More on this book

Steve Jobs: the journey is the reward
Jeffrey S. Young
??? p.
Glenville, Scott, Foresman, c1988
???? ISBN

The Sun Never Sets on IBM
Nancy Foy
??? p
Cambridge, MIT Press, c1981
???? ISBN

The Ascent of Sun Microsystems
Mark Hall and John Barry
Chicago, Contemporary Books, c1990
0-8092-4368-7 More on this book

cover The Supermen
The story of Seymour Cray and the technical wizards behind the supercomputer
Charles J. Murray
232 p
John Wiley & Sons, 1997
0-471-04885-2 More on this book

The Tao of Programming
Compuarcheological guide to the mysterious past of programming
Geoffrey James
??? p
Info Books, Santa Monica, Calif., USA. 1987
0-931137-07-1 More on this book

A biography of the Watsons and IBM
William Rodgers
320p+16p (US edition)
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1970
(in US: Stein and Day, New York)
SBN 8128-1226-3

The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The story of Ken Olsen and Digital Equipment Corporation
Glenn Rifkin
??? p
Chicago, Contemporary Books, 1988
???? ISBN

West of Eden
The end of innocence at Apple Computer
Frank Rose
New York, Penguin Books, c1989

Zap !
The rise and fall of Atari
Scott Cohen
177 p.
New York, McGraw-Hill, c1984

The Zen of Programming
Koans, haiku, folktales and other stories of programming
Geoffrey James.
??? p
Info Books, Santa Monica, Calif., USA. 1988
0-931137-09-8 More on this book