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From a Buick 8

coverFrom a Buick 8
Stephen King

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, a strange man stops at a gas station, leaves his car being fueled and goes toward the bathroom, never to be seen again. And thus the Pennsylvania State Police ends up with a classic 1950′s Buick in their hands. Except that it’s not quite a Buick. Or even a car.

The story of what lies in Troop D’s shed is classic Stephen King: terrifying, scarier in the suspense than in actual events (at least for most of the book), and very well told. Yes, there is a car at the centre of the story, and a teenage boy, but this is no Christine. The book is told mostly in the 1st person and in retrospective, as older officers tell the story of the Buick to the son of one of them.

If there’s one point to this book (always hard to say with King’s stories), it’s that some things in life will be always a mistery. You can be curious all you want, but you may never know the truth about certain things.

There’s not much to be said about it, though; it’s a Stephen King book, and that says most of it. And it’s a good one, one of those you wish had a few more pages at the end (not in the same league as Bag of Bones, but still good).

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