coverStupid White Men
Michael Moore

Well, you all know what Michael Moore is like. Everyone saw him during the Academy Awards in 2003, and that’s pretty much it. He always says what he thinks, and he has no problem with being seen as inconvenient or disruptive.

This book, written before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, focuses on what is wrong with the USA of today, with special attention to “President” George W. Bush (always written like that, with the quotes). The information he brings about Mr. Bush and his associates and assistants is very detailed, and a report like that one, about all candidates, should be mandatory reading before any presidential election. The connections between government members, large companies and, well, “interesting” organizations are appalling, and it’s absurd that what is being done inside the government (all three branches) is simply allowed to go on.

Michael Moore also makes a very good report on what went on in those weeks after the presidential election of 2000, with all the strange events that gave Mr. Bush the job he should not, in fact, have received. The author goes on to make the very good point that, nowadays, the Democrats look more like the Republicans with each passing day, to the point where voting for either one is not that much different. Still, he does think (as I do) that the current Republican administration is causing more damage than could ever be expected of a Democrat.

Of course, he also has a tendency to over-dramatize things, so you should take the most outrageous affirmations (and even some of the not-so-outrageous ones) with a grain of salt. For example, he propagates the myth that half of the world’s population has never made a phone call, which was probably already not true the first time it was publicly mentioned, almost 20 years ago.

Still, it’s both an entertaining and a sobering read. A great book to ensure that your ability to feel outraged is still intact.

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